Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Appellate Judge and Lawyer Summit

From Brad Pauley of Horvitz comes this invitation to network with appellate judges, lawyers, and staff from around the country:

I am writing to you on behalf of the Council of Appellate Lawyers (CAL), which is part of the Judicial Division of the American Bar Association, and the only national bench/bar group devoted to appellate advocacy. In partnership with the ABA’s Appellate Judges Conference and the Appellate Judges Education Institute, CAL will be holding its next summit in Orlando, Florida from November 19 to 22, 2009. While the list of speakers and programs remains to be finalized, the summit is sure to be interesting and enlightening. The summit will also be a rare opportunity to rub elbows with appellate judges and lawyers from around the country. Please click on this link to the “save the date” card: http://www.horvitzlevy.com/PDFs/AJEISaveDate.pdf. More information will follow as the program is finalized.