Friday, January 31, 2014

ABA tidbits

The ABA has an article here titled "Meet the Chief Judge of the nation's most divisive controversial court"... No it's not the 9th Circuit!

And the Winder 2014 Litigation -- the ABA Litigation Section's journal -- is now out. The theme is "temptation" and includes articles of interest here, such as:
The Temptation Not to Disclose Adverse Authority (by Hon. Elaine Bucklo),
How to Winnow Arguments on Appeal (by Martin Siegel), and
Over-Arguing Your Case (by Hon. Matthew Kennelly).
(Also Why the Passive Voice Should Be Used and Appreciated, by George Dopen.)

Finally, don't miss the January 2014 edition of Appellate Issues, the newsletter of the ABA's Council of Appellate Lawyers. Here's the TOA:

A Conversation With Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli, Jr. By Wendy McGuire Coats 1
Honing the Knife: Editing Effectively to Improve Legal Writing By Richard C. Kraus 1
Editor’s Note By David J. Perlman 1
Handling the Difficult Oral Argument By Nancy M. Olson 11
Effectively Using Standards of Review
By Gaetan Gerville-Reache
Hiring Outside Appellate Counsel: The In-House Perspective
By Deena Jo Schneider
Making Appellate Briefs More Effective: Selecting Issues and Structuring the Argument
By Deena Jo Schneider
Judicial Selection and Disqualification
By Nancy M. Olson
The Art of Dissent By Mary-Christine Sungaila 34
How Judges Decide: A Multidisciplinary Perspective By Nancy M. Olson 35
Contributors 37